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If you are seeing this page you are here for a reason.You could be a Recruiter, a Consultant or a LinkedIn Professional. This webpage marks how I learn new technologies every single day to make myself a better Tester, Coder, and a better person by connecting with people. And Blogging on a social platform would provide me the best possible ink to document my Journey.

I also plan on listing the reasons on how I can be of help to you, or reasons you would want to hire me. The top one being that I am a self-starter and result, oriented person. Two Years back, when I stepped foot into the field of Software Testing, I was a complete newbie, as an Engineering Professional, who started her early career as a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering,

I have educated myself in a number of technologies starting with Programming language Java and Automation Testing Tool Selenium. To better understand the process of Testing, I decided to do micro-projects which would essentially allow me to develop applications on my own, that would help me to be in better touch with the system under Test.

Currently I am working as a Consultant QA Tester for Amazon in Seattle, Washington. I am very glad my employer recognized the talent in me and gave me this opportunity. I am learning a ton from my job and enjoying each day of it. I also volunteer as a QA Tester for a non-profit organization, We Make Change. Volunteering adds value to your skills, in ways you can not even imagine.

Looking forward to more of it!