Selenium Automation framework for a Shopping website

 Prepared Test Scenarios and created automated Test scripts for a website using Element locators and Selenium Web driver methods.  Successfully executed data and behavior driven test cases using page object model (POM).

Development of desktop chat application using socket technology

One-on-one chat application using JavaScript library along with NodeJS technology for running the server side. This fun technology lets us build a Realtime web application, with real ease.

Rest API using MongoDB, NodeJS and HTML

While working on REST API Automation scripts, I felt a curiosity to create and API for a local system database communicating with the HTML front end. A common option is to choose MEAN (Mongo dB, Express, Angular, NodeJS) stack, but I chose a plain simple form HTML to connect with MongoDB database using NodeJS Express framework. Now I know the API better to test it better.

Development of an HTML application to Encode/ decode a text message

My pet project which I love to call as Secret Messages, I created an html page using JSP (Java Servlet Pages) which communicates with a Java program to encode or decode the messages entered by the user depending upon an integer key, also chosen by the user. The project was tested running on the local Tom cat Server.

Substation Automation using 8051 micro controllers

 Power-system automation includes processes associated with generation and delivery of power. The project aimed at improving Monitoring and control of power delivery systems in the substation and on the pole to reduce the occurrence of outages and shorten the duration of outages that do occur.

Advanced Modeling of a Synchronous Generator Under Line-Switching and Load-rejection tests for Isolated Grid Applications

A model for a synchronous generator was developed and implemented using the programming environment of LABVIEW and tested for full and partial load rejection and line-switching.